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10 of the best book quotes about enough
“For anyone who wants it all,” she begins, “may you find something that is more than enough.”
“Despite what anybody may have to say to you or about you today, you are enough. Yesterday, you were enough. Today, you are enough. Tomorrow, you’ll be enough. Forever, you’re enough. Change the way you think, baby. Don’t give control over your life, your self-perception, to people who have no business having that kind of power.”
“The House is valuable because it is the House. It is enough in and of Itself. It is not the means to an end.”
“Our true happiness is inside of us. Like me, everything you need to fly—to soar—has been inside you all along. Just as you are, you’re enough.”
“I’ve had quite enough. I wish that she’d move and take all her stuff.”
“You have a good heart. Sometimes that’s enough to see you safe wherever you go. But mostly, it’s not.”
“When we have done our very best, Papa, and that is not enough, then I think the right time must have come for asking help of others.”
“Enough help. You’ll have to stay on the floor now,′ says Grandpa. ‘I have to fry the pancakes.’ “I want to help,′ says Dusty. ‘No,’ says Grandpa. ‘Can I have some milk?’ asks Dusty, pushing the chair closer to the bowl.”
“Like a great glaring eye, then, the light searched about. It flashed past the trees down the steep rocky bluff And it searched high and low, but not quite high enough.”
“And, finally, when all the pulling was done, Gertrude, beind her, again had just one...That one little feather she had as a starter. But now that’s enough, because now she is smarter.”
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