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″Ask yourself: Are you spending your time on the right things? You may have causes, goals, interests. Are they even worth pursuing?I’ve long held on to a clipping from a newspaper in Roanoke, Virginia.It featured a photo of a pregnant woman who had lodged a protest against a local construction site. She worried that the sound of jackhammers was injuring her unborn child. But get this: In the photo, the woman is holding a cigarette. If she cared about her unborn child,the time she spent railing against jackhammers would have been better spent putting out that cigarette.″
“Ask yourself: What is the best I can do? And then do that.”
“Father laughed, which upset Bruno even more; there was nothing that made him more angry than when a grown-up laughed at him for not knowing something, especially when he was trying to find out the answer by asking questions.”
“He does not ask much of us, merely a thought of Him from time to time, a little act of adoration, sometimes to ask for His grace, sometimes to offer Him your sufferings, at other times to thank Him for the graces, past and present, He has bestowed on you, in the midst of your troubles to take solace in Him as often as you can.”
“There was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house. What does it mean? I asked. A pirate needs the sight of the sea, he said and then he pulled his eye patch down and turned and sailed away.”
“Prayer is a way of asking for something. It is the medium of miracles. But the only meaningful prayer is for forgiveness, because those who have been forgiven have everything.”
“You are not alone. No one who calls on Him can call in vain. Whatever troubles you, be certain that He has the answer, and will gladly give it to you, if you simply turn to Him and ask it of Him.”
Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.”
″..we ask for no mercy or no miracles; we are strong enough to live and to die and to kill flies..”
“Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them.”
“When asked what he recalls of his first six years, Michael said, ‘Going for days having to drink water to get full. Going to other people’s houses and asking for something to eat. Sleeping outside. The mosquitoes.‘”
“You don’t have to ask permission to take responsibility.”
“Even when no thunder sounds And no rain falls, if you but ask me Then I will stay beside you.”
“Asking for something is easy, being responsible for it is the part that develops character.”
“Are you watching closely?”
“And oh, Claudia, Claudilla, ask me to do something -something that I can do. Do not ask me to forget you or to be indifferent to you. ”
“Ask Jesus to show you your beauty. Ask him what he thinks of you as a woman. His words to us let us rest and unveil our beauty.”
“It means asking God to keep us undeceived so that we never allow deception to take root. Knowing the truth liberates us from all possibility of deception and illuminates any darkness in our life.”
“If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw. When he’s finished, he’ll ask you for a napkin.”
″ And don’t ask me to solve it because I am the worst. ”
″‘Are you all right little love?’ asked Mommy.”
“I didn’t ask what kind of things hide behind black trees in the middle of the night. When you go owling you have to be brave.”
“No. Why are you asking me. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen any hats anywhere. I would not steal a hat. Don’t ask me any more questions. ”
“That’s the third and last time I’m asking you whether you want a drink, Shirley.”
“Wednesday, January 28th. Last Quarter. I woke up with a bit of a cold this morning. I asked my mother for a note to excuse me from games. She said she refused to namby-pamby me a day longer! How would she like to run about on a muddy field in the freezing drizzle, dressed only in PE shorts and a singlet?”
″ ‘If we only had a cat!’ sighed the very old woman. ‘A cat?’ asked the very old man. ‘Yes, a sweet little fluffy cat,’ said the very old woman. ‘I will get you a cat, my dear,’ said the very old man.”
“Pretty soon the very old woman saw them coming. ‘My dear!’ she cried, ‘What are you doing? I asked for one little cat, and what do I see? ”
″ ‘Carry me to my room, Father,’ said Frances. ‘All right,’ said Father. ‘Piggyback,’ said Frances. So Father carried her piggyback to her room.”
“When we have done our very best, Papa, and that is not enough, then I think the right time must have come for asking help of others.”
“Don’t be a know-it-all. Ask the people around you.”
“If someone were to tell a friend, ‘I want to see you tonight’, you would wonder what was meant by ‘you’. You would keep asking yourself, ‘Does “you” in this case mean “you” or “U”?’ If ‘you’ means ‘U’ and ‘U’ is me, then that lady wants to see me tonight. And then you would wonder why, I tell you, Professor Sherman, ‘U’ is a bad name.”
“What was that?′ she asked the others. They were older and had seen such wonders before. They barely looked up from the ground. ‘Balloon,’ said a nearby ewe, her mouth full of grass.”
“Do you want a little advice? You know I never give it unless I’m asked for it.”
“The three soldiers went on to the house of Albert and Louise. Could you spare a bit of food? And have you some corner where we could sleep for the night?”

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