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“Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.”
“And two lovely sisters who play on the flute- But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.”
“And some very fat owls who are learning to hoot- But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.”
“And the splash is immense when he comes down the chute- But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.”
“It was the mud that was killing us one by one—the mud, the lack of shelter, and the lack of food.”
“But Mr. Magnolia- poor Mr. Magnolia! -Mr. Magnolia has only one boot...”
“One is the Springmouse who turns on the showers. Then comes the Summer who paints in the flowers. The Fallmouse is next with the walnuts and wheat. And Winter is last…with little cold feet.”
“Pretty soon the very old woman saw them coming. ‘My dear!’ she cried, ‘What are you doing? I asked for one little cat, and what do I see? ”
“But almost all of the time I know that I am more than That Giraffe Girl, I am the one and only Geraldine and I am Really Great.”
“Not one of the seven is really good, for the very excellent reason that Australian children never are.”
“I was one tiny pulsar in a swirling, luminous galaxy of Iranians, held together by the gravity of thousands of years of culture and heritage.”
“And there’s not one reason why I can’t leave for Lexington too, except you don’t want me.”
“Mrs Koala had not thought of a name for her baby. Now, she thought it quite time he was christened, so one day she talked the matter over with his father. ‘Shall we call him ‘Walter’ or ‘Bluegum?’ she inquired. ‘No,’ grunted Mr Koala. ‘Let’s call hum ‘Blinky Bill.’ So Blinky Bill he became from that moment.”
“One drop of dwindling. Two blurps of belittling. A smidgeon of minikin. A half teaspoon of twurp. A shift of shortening. And then one pinch of kapoot should do it.”
“And, finally, when all the pulling was done, Gertrude, beind her, again had just one...That one little feather she had as a starter. But now that’s enough, because now she is smarter.”
“Doing one thing differently is often the same as doing everything differently.”
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