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13 of the best book quotes about little sister
“On one of those island farms, young Ida lived with her big brother, John, her little sister, Martha, and their mother and father.”
“The rain poured down in the night. The water’ll be coming up under the house. You’ve got to watch out for snakes this time of year. Chicky, my littlest sister, starts to tease. ‘Sharyn’s got the hots for you, na na nanaa na!’ She races back to the girls’ room.”
“They walked the whole day over the meadows, fields, and stony places; and when it rained the little sister said: ‘Heaven and our hearts are weeping together.’ In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in the hollow tree and fell asleep.”
“Bad Harry said, ‘Now we made the trifle look so untidy, no one else will want any, so we may as well eat it all up’. So they dug away into the spongy inside of the trifle and found lots of nice fruit bits inside. It was a very big trifle,but those greedy children ate and ate.”
“But my sister hadn’t meant to be naughty. She thought she had given the book-little-boy her own supper, and you know she was quite a greedy child, so it was a kind thing to do really.”
Spook’s baby sister who is very good at mimicking the noises she hears. From this point on, spreads are split with the little sister making a wonderful variety of noises which are displayed on the recto. These are sweet little stories that would even work now.
“The diamond ring was very, very sparkly indeed. My little sister turned it and turned it, and lots of shiny lights came out of it in all directions. Sometimes the lights were white and sometimes they had colours in them. My sister couldn’t stop looking at it.”
“Presently my little sister began to wonder if the ring would taste as sparkly as it looked. It was sparklier than fizzy lemonade. So of course she put the ring in her mouth, and of course it didn’t taste like lemonade at all.”
“She started to yell and stamp, and make such a noise that people going by looked over the hedge to see what the matter was.”
“You wouldn’t think there could be another child as naughty as my naughty little sister, would you? But there was...and this boy’s name was Harry.”
“This Bad Harry and my naughty little sister used to play together quite a lot in Harry’s garden, or in our garden, and got up to dreadful mischief between them, picking all the baby gooseberries, and the green blackcurrants, and throwing sand on the flower-beds, and digging up the runner-bean seeds, and all the naughty sorts of things you never, never do in the garden.”
“Their little sister is desperately ill and the two children decide to walk to the city to bring their mother home. The story tells of their awakening to the situation in their country of the appalling treatment of blacks by the rich white people.”
“Even though she does everything better than her little sister, a big sister sometimes is sorry that she isn’t the youngest in the family.”
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