Jamie Sullivan Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Jamie Sullivan
“With Jamie, everything was in the Lord’s plan . . . She always mentioned the Lord’s plan whenever you talked to her, no matter what the subject. The baseball game’s rained out? Must be the Lord’s plan to prevent something worse from happening. A surprise trigonometry quiz that everyone in class fails? Must be in the Lord’s plan to give us challenges.”
“My breathing suddenly went still. I looked at Jamie, then up to the ceiling and around the room, doing my best to keep my composure, then back to Jamie again. She smiled at me and I smiled at her and all I could do was wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan.”
“It was, I remembered thinking, the most difficult walk anyone had to make. In every way, a walk to remember.”
“Jamie helped everyone—she was one of those equal opportunity saints.”
“‘I want to get married,” she said quietly. ‘And when I do, I want my father to walk me down the aisle and I want everyone I know to be there. I want the church bursting with people.’”
“You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me.”
“I’m dying, Landon.”
“When I was seventeen, my life changed forever.”
“Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?”
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