Life As We Knew It Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Life As We Knew It
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    “But it’s our curse and our blessing to remember the past and to know there’s a future.”
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    “I hate the moon. I hate tides and earthquakes and volcanoes. I hate a world where things that have absolutely nothing to do with me can destroy my life and the lives of people I love.”
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    “I wonder if I’ll ever have to decide which is worse, life as we’re living or no life at all.”
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    “I never really thought about how when I look at the moon, it’s the same moon as Shakespeare and Marie Antoinette and George Washington and Cleopatra looked at.”
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    “What about desserts?” I asked. “If the world comes to an end, I’m going to want cookies.”
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    “I have no privacy. But I feel so alone.”
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    “I feel myself shriveling along with my world, getting smaller and harder. I’m turning into a rock, and in some ways that’s good, because rocks last forever.
    But if this is how I’m going to last forever, then I don’t want to.”
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    “Maybe I’m wrong,” Mom said. “Maybe the world really is coming to an end.”
    “Should I try Fox News?” I asked.
    Mom shuddered. “We’re not that desperate,” she said.”
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    “The only way you can be the best at something is to be the best you can be.”
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    “Back in the time when life was easy, the Internet would have told me what I needed to know. The great thing about the Internet was it didn’t care why you were asking.”
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    “If God wanted a world filled with saints, He never would have created adolescence.”
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    “We may not have a future, but you can’t deny we have a past.”

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  1. #13
    “But she’s wrong about hell. You don’t have to wait until you’re dead to get there.”
  2. #14
    “He taught me to trust in tomorrow.”
  3. #15
    “I guess I always felt even if the world came to an end, McDonald’s would still be open.”
  4. #16
    “We’re all going to want cookies if the world comes to an end,” Mrs. Nesbitt agreed. “And chips and pretzels. If the world is coming to an end, why should I care about my blood pressure?”
    “Okay, we’ll die fat,” Mom said.”
  5. #17
    “Here’s the funny thing about the world coming to an end. Once it gets going, it doesn’t seem to stop.”
  6. #18
    “Life’s sloppy...You think you know how tomorrow’s going to be, you’ve made your plans, everything is set in place, and then the unimaginable happens. Life catches you by surprise. It always does. But there’s good mixed in with the bad. It’s there. You just have to recognize it.”
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    “Just in case the world ends tomorrow,” she said. “We might as well enjoy today.”
  8. #20
    “Mom, is the world coming to an end?” Jonny asked, picking up the plate of cookies and ramming one into his mouth.
    “No, it isn’t,” Mom said, folding her lawn chair and carrying it to the front of the house. “And yes, you do have to go to school tomorrow.”
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