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Seven of the best book quotes about loving parents
“Children need to be raised in loving environments. Whenever domination is present love is lacking. Loving parents, be they single or coupled, gay or straight, headed by females or males, are more likely to raise healthy, happy children with sound self-esteem. ”
“Crying, semi-hysterically, Mom made a number of points: •Your friend is dying •It’s just so hard to watch a child die •And it’s much harder to watch a friend’s daughter die •But the hardest is watching your son watching his friend die •You have to make your own decisions now •It’s so hard for me to let you make your own decisions •But I have to let you make your own decisions •I am so proud of you •Your friend is dying, and you have been so strong.”
“He also told me that parents from all over Orange County are forming a group and they are inviting a lawyer to counsel them. There will be a meeting soon.”
“I suppose they would think it was funny. Naming a furnace after your parents. Not many people would do it I suppose. Why did you?”
“Papa said nothing. But he put his arm around her, and leaned over to rest his chin in her hair. I closed my eyes, suddenly remembering Mama and Papa standing that way, Mama smaller than Sarah, her hair fair against Papa’s shoulder. When I opened my eyes again, it was Sarah standing there. Caleb looked at me and smiled and smiled and smiled until he could smile no more.”
″‘There’s three things I want to say to you, child.’ Mammy drew Julilly close again. ‘Pray to the good Lord. Remember to be proud that you had a strong, fine Daddy and a Mammy that loves you... This is secret talk I’m tellin’ you now. Hold it quiet in your head and never let it out of your mouth. There’s a place the slaves been whisperin’ around called Canada. The law don’t allow no slavery there.‘”
“I think that all the love he had felt for my mother when she was alive he now lavished upon me. During my early years, I never had a moment’s unhappiness or illness and here I am on my fifth birthday.”
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