Martine Murray Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Martine Murray
“Hey Marnie, they say tonight the stars will fall out of the sky, and if you stick out your tongue one might land on it, and if you swallow it then you become a star yourself.”
“A puddle isn’t just what’s left behind, although sometimes you may feel like it is. A puddle of people is full or rich deposits.”
“I call him the rabbit man, but he doesn’t look or act like a rabbit. Doesn’t have long ears or a lot of children. Actually, I can’t remember why I call him that. I just do. Sometimes in your mind you call someone something just because it tickles you softly to call them that.”
“She has to do a lot of thinking about accident victims, because they have acquired brain injuries... So her thinking quota is just about used up by the time she gets home and she can’t be thinking thoughtful thoughts about me and Ricci, and Caramella with a sprained ankle.”
“We pile onto the street and shoot out a riot of looks and hunches, we sniff about, hook up our notions, pace our minds up and down the street, and wait for something to happen- because something always will.”
“To tell you the truth, I didn’t feel any different. I don’t think you ever do. I think one day you just become sixty or seventy, and it must be a shock to be so old because it’s still the same you on the inside; it’s just that all the outside of you has got wrinkled from the weather.”
“I felt as if there was nothing to count on or touch, nothing except echoes and shadows and disappearances. Life had turned to quicksand and the faint yellow light in the kitchen spread out toward me like the ghostly breath of lives that had left.”
“Take my puddle, for example. There are normally three of us in it, though sometimes you could say four or five. First there’s me, and I’m exasperating and potentially infamous.”
“To be honest, Harold Barton wouldn’t make friends with me, anyway, because I’m not pretty enough. He only talks to pretty girls.”
″...that leaves Harold Barton to decide who’s in and who’s not. That’s because he has the swimming pool and the biggest house. So he acts like he knows everything, and kids believe him because kids like swimming.”
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