Mary Oliver Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Mary Oliver
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    “If I ever meet one of these dogs I’m going
    to invite him to come here, where he can
    be a proper dog.”
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    “Running here running there, excited,
    hardly able to stop, he leaps, he spins
    until the white snow is written upon
    in large, exuberant letters,
    a long sentence, expressing
    the pleasures of the body in this world. ”
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    “Steadfastness, it seems, is more about dogs than about us. One of the reasons we love them so much.”
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    “So I climb on the bed where the light of the moon is shining on your face and I know it will be morning soon. Everybody needs a safe place.”
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    “With what vigor
    and intention to please himself
    the little white dog
    flings himself into every puddle
    on the muddy road.”
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    “In the old days dogs in our town roamed freely. But the old ways changed.”
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    “For he was an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon.”
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    “So when he found Sammy he would simply call him into his truck and drive him home. In this way, he lived a long and happy life, with many friends.”
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    ″‘Keep me in your thoughts,’ he replies. ‘Just because
    I can’t count to ten doesn’t mean
    I don’t remember yesterday, or anticipate today.‘”
  4. #10
    “For he was of the tribe of Wolf.”
  5. #11
    “The university gave me a new, elegant
    classroom to teach in. Only one thing,
    they said. You can’t bring your dog.
    It’s in my contract, I said. (I had
    made sure of that.)”
  6. #12
    “You’re like a little wild thing
    that was never sent to school.
    Sit, I say, and you jump up.
    Come, I say, and you go galloping down the sand
    to the nearest dead fish
    with which you perfume your sweet neck.”

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  1. #13
    “Be prepared. A dog is adorable and noble.
    A dog is a true and loving friend. A dog
    is also a hedonist.”
  2. #14
    “He really is as big as
    a horse, but actually a very sweet
    horse. I hope he comes again.”
  3. #15
    “It is summer
    How many summers does a little dog have?”
  4. #16
    “This is a poem about Percy
    This is a poem about more than Percy.
    Think about it.”
  5. #17
    ″...who am I to summon his hard and happy body
    his four white feet that love to wheel and pedal
    through the dark leaves
    to come back to walk by my side, obedient.”
  6. #18
    “You love
    this earnest dog,
    but also you admire the raccoon
    and Lord help you in your place
    of hope and improbables.”
  7. #19
    “Our new dog, named for the beloved poet, ate a book which unfortunately we had left unguarded.”
  8. #20
    “What would the world be like without music or rivers or the green and tender grass? What would this world be like without dogs?”
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