Nan Chauncy Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Nan Chauncy
“Why couldn’t they understand she had been hungry: now she wasn’t? Now she wanted to listen to Daddy telling about the blacks.”
“They were all so busy: and after all, no one had said she mustn’t. Beth would like to see Rita’s necklace... and Rita’s look said she would like Lexie to wear it for her, when she went to stay with the Malleys.”
“Clouds of smoke from huge fires, clouds of dust from the machines, shouts and noise- oh it was beautiful!”
“Nothing hostile about them; in fact smiling and well-mannered. Wasn’t it Baudin who described them as full of fun and ‘of a fine intelligence’? And they certainly had a great sense of dignity.”
“Glory! Glory! And the enormous dragon, the bulldozer breathing smoke and pushing the great gums over- wandering about wherever it liked roaring and bellowing like a- well, like a bulldozer... you had to love Terkie a little bit for letting you see all that!”
“Lexie isn’t used to people and she’s got plenty of imagination so she doesn’t miss other children, she makes her playmates of animals or anything.”
″‘You’ll like her Kent: a very plucky little woman.’ Now they had met and Kent was not so sure. In fact he resented her already.”
“It was hard to beg humbly from a witch; and when she answered, ‘No, dear, I’m not going out this afternoon,’ harder still to conceal hot tears of rage- rage and disappointment.”
“She could feel the blackness was not just an empty hole. A something was inside, watching.”
“She could face the world: she was armoured against fate, she had a breastplate of kitten.”
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