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11 of the best book quotes about dust
“Dust is something bad, something wrong, something evil and wicked.”
“Dust is only a name for what happens when matter begins to understand itself.”
“Things are sweeter when they’re lost. I know--because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly, Dot. And when I got it it turned to dust in my hands.”
“I bet if we dusted her heart for fingerprints, we’d only find yours.”
“She looked at her list again. Dust the furniture. ‘did you ever hear tell of such a silly thing. At my house we undust the furniture. But to each his own way.’ ”
And the one thing that might make her feel better -- playing the piano -- is impossible with her wounded hands.To make matters worse, dust storms are devastating the family farm and all the farms nearby. While others flee from the dust bowl, Billie Jo is left to find peace in the bleak landscape of Oklahoma -- and in the surprising landscape of her own heart.
“From somewhere quite near he heard a muffled ‘Grrrrr,’ followed by, ‘Did somebody say something?’ Little Bear moved a few things aside and there, propped up against a cardboard box and covered in dust, was Old Bear.”
“We can live until we are three hundred years old; but when we die, we become the foam on the ocean. We cannot even bury our loved ones. We do not have immortal souls. When we die, we shall never rise again… But men have souls that live eternally, even after their bodies have become dust.”
“Do not let the dust collect in your soul. Live a life so fulfilling that it will never have enough time to do so.”
“Clouds of smoke from huge fires, clouds of dust from the machines, shouts and noise- oh it was beautiful!”
“Then one day, Cristal’s home is turned into a pile of rubble and dust five meters high.”
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