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10 of the best book quotes about outsider
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    “The lesson of the Impressionists is that there are times and places where it is better to be a Big Fish in a Little Pond that a Little Fish in a Big Pond, where the apparent disadvantage of being an outsider in a marginal world turns out not to be a disadvantage at all.”
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    “Being on the outside, in a less elite and less privileged environment, can give you more freedom to pursue your own ideas and academic interests.”
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    “Near the start [of the note], there’s two words I never saw before, Ma says they’re her names like TV persons have, what everybody in Outside used to call her, it’s only me who says Ma.”
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    ″‘Mount Eskel feels the boots of outsiders.’ They paused, and then now even Bena stayed silent for the final line. ‘Mount Eskel won’t bear their weight.‘”
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    “Nurse: Yes, now (Medea) knows at a terrible first hand what it is to miss one’s native land.”
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    “Medea: I agree, of course,
    that a foreigner should conform,
    adapt to his society.”
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    “They are leaving one world behind and entering another. Once isolated like this, they have no outside support, and in their confusion they are easily led astray.”
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    “We watched life going on around us – work, love, childbearing, childrearing, getting and spending, making and shaping, governing and adventuring – the women’s world, the bright, full, real world – and there was no room in it for us.”
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    “A marriage is a private thing. It has its own wild laws, and secret histories, and savage acts, and what passes between married people is incomprehensible to outsiders.”
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    “So what if he’s alone. We’re all alone.”