Ruth Park Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Ruth Park
“Outside, she was composed, independent, not very much liked. The girls at school said she was a weirdie, and there was no doubt she was an outsider.”
“She carefully laid false trails until she herself sometimes could not find the way into her secret heart. Yet the older she grew the more she longed for someone to laugh at the false trails with, to share the secrets. ”
“The really unreal thing was that she didn’t care in the least what they thought of her. She felt a hundred years older and wiser than this love-mad rabble in her class.”
″‘... love is a thing you have to experience before you know—’ she hesitated, and then blurted out—‘how powerful it can be.‘”
“Maybe they’re right. Maybe there is such a thing as being too young and inexperienced to know your own mind.”
“Aye, when I first saw her I had a flash, clear as it was when I was a lass. Poor ill-favoured little yellow herring of a thing. But still, it came to me then, she was the Stranger that would save the Gift for the family.”
“The first thing was their kindness. How amazingly widespread it was. They had taken responsibility for her, nursed and clothed her. Someone had given up her bed, probably Beatie; no one had complained when she was snappish and rude about Dovey’s best clothes, about the lack of sanitation; no one had condemned her unsympathetic attitude towards Gibbie.”
“I won’t let them beat me.”
“For an instant she remembered her mother’s dark dewdrop eyes, as she said, ‘You don’t know how powerful love can be,’ and she thought how strange it was that love had made her both callous and tender.”
““Stay awhile with us,′ begged Dovey the next day, ‘for you’re one of the family, Abby, true!’ ‘No,’ said Abigail. ‘I have to go home; you know that.‘”
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