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10 of the best book quotes about owners
“If I was such a good dog, why was I being abandoned by my owner?”
“I believed that Fufi was my dog but of course that wasn’t true. Fufi was a dog. I was a boy. We got along well. She happened to live in my house. That experience shaped what I’ve felt about relationships for the rest of my life: You do not own the thing that you love.”
“Like many other much-loved humans, they believed that they owned their dogs, instead of realizing that their dogs owned them.”
“Why! He″ll be a Hero! Of course he won’t mind When he finds that he has A big circus behind.”
His father has left him. It is only when the owner of the bed and breakfast hands him a letter that Alem is given an explanation. Alem’s father admits that because of the political problems in Ethiopia both he and Alem’s mother felt Alem would be safer in London - even though it is breaking their hearts to do this.
″‘I’ll take him.’ Mrs. Trill says, ‘Are you sure?’ And Mr. Fortesque says, ‘Oh yes, I’ve been looking for a brown cat as nice as this one for ages.‘”
“We were not, nor would ever be, truly wild. I had known fireside, bed, and bone, Rufus’s pat and his soft look.”
“The slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. The owner of the slaves callin himself their Master.”
“While he is playing soccer one day, Pedro witnesses his friend Daniel’s father, the owner of the local grocery store, being taken away by soldiers.”
″‘It’s finished. There isn’t a stamp, or an error that I haven’t collected. Not one. What shall I do now?’ ‘I think I’m beginning to understand,’ said Moomintroll slowly. ‘You aren’t a collector anymore, you’re only an owner, and that isn’t nearly so much fun.‘”
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