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“For a warrior there is nothing other than thinking of his master.”
“My master Thomas More would give anything to anyone . . . .some day someone’s going to ask him for something that he wants to keep.”
“The stronger becomes master of the weaker, in so far as the latter cannot assert its degree of independence - here there is no mercy, no forbearance, even less a respect for ‘laws.’ ”
“The possibility has been established for the production of...a Master Race, the future “masters of the earth”...made to endure for millennia - a higher kind of men who... employ democratic Europe as their most pliant and supple instrument for getting hold of the destinies of the earth.”
“Not merely a Master Race whose sole task is to rule, but a Race with its own sphere of life, with an excess of strength... strong enough to have no need of the tyranny of the virtue-imperative.”
“It is only dogs that never bite their masters.”
“As judge, jury, and willing executioner, Aycliffe had but to give the word, and the offender’s life was forfeit. We all lived in fear of him.”
“The slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. The owner of the slaves callin himself their Master.”
″‘The land’s used up, Old John,’ she mourned. ‘It just has no more life to raise tobacco, or cotton, or any other crops.’ Old John agreed. He knew that the Masters in Virginia had used the land until it bled and died.”
“And now they’ve got to change their minds about the world. It’s different from what they’ve learned. It’s a world where humans take the first place. Human beings master them. They have to obey. Humans are the most important of all. But they’ll soon learn.”
“Sometimes they went because their masters were obliged to go away from home on trips or business. Sometimes a cat was sent to School to learn good manners.”
The woman is afraid - the child is not hers but her master’s - but she gives her baby anyway, hoping desperately it will have a life better than her own.
“No one was my master— but I might be master of everything, if I wished. If I dared.”
“I’m going to keep doing whatever I wish, because I am the master of myself.”
“Here I am noble; I am boyar; the common people know me, and I am master. But a stranger in a strange land, he is no one; men know him not—and to know not is to care not for.”
“I am here to do Your bidding, Master. I am Your slave, and You will reward me, for I shall be faithful. I have worshipped You long and afar off. Now that You are near, I await Your commands, and You will not pass me by, will You, dear Master, in Your distribution of good things?”
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