Mary Hoffman Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Mary Hoffman
“Grace was a girl who loved stories. She didn’t mind if they were read to her or told to her or made up from her own head. She didn’t care if they were from books or movies or out of Nana’s long memory. Grace just loved stories.”
“Most of all Grace loved to act out adventure stories and fairy tales. When there was no one else around, Grace played all the parts herself.”
“She set out to seek her fortune, with no companion but her trusty cat- and found a city with streets paved in gold.”
“One day Grace’s teacher said they would do the play Peter Pan. Grace knew who she wanted to be. When she raised her hand, Raj said, ‘You can’t be Peter- that’s a boy’s name.‘”
″‘You can’t be Peter Pan,’ whispered Natalie. ‘He isn’t black.’ But Grace kept her hand up.”
“It seems Natalie is another one who don’t know nothing. You can be anything you want, Grace, if you put your mind to it.”
“Grace looked up and saw a beautiful young ballerina in a tutu. Above the dancer it said: STUNNING NEW JULIET.”
“After it was all over, she said, ‘I feel as if I could fly all the way home!’ ‘You probably could,’ said Ma. ‘Yes,’ said Nana. ‘If Grace put her mind to it, she can do anything she want.‘”
“After the ballet, Grace played the part of Juliet, dancing around her room in her imaginary tutu. I can be anything I want, she thought.”
“When it was time to vote, the class chose Raj to be Captain Hook and Natalie to be Wendy. There was no doubt who would be Peter Pan. Everyone voted for Grace.”
“The slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. The owner of the slaves callin himself their Master.”
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