permanence Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about permanence
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    “It makes no difference what men think of war, said the judge. War endures.”
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    “Nobody changes. Nobody gets hurt.”
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    “You dont start over. That’s what it’s about. Ever step you take is forever. You cant make it go away.”
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    “He’d always thought they’d go home one day and everything would be like it was before they came . . . he didn’t understand that there was no going back, that what had happened was forever.”
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    “The buildings are made of fieldstone and all the windows need washing.”
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    “Step by step, day by day, your choices will shape your actions until they become habits where practice makes them permanent.”
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    “Real love, the Bible says, instinctively desires permanence.”
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    “Nothing ever stops; it divides and multiplies, and I guess sometimes it gets ground down superfine, but it doesn’t just blow away.”