The Bible Quotes

16 of the best book quotes from The Bible
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    “A time for every occupation under heaven. A time for giving birth, a time for dying; a time for planting, a time for uprooting what has been planted; a time for tears, a time for laughter; a time for mourning, a time for dancing; a time for searching, a time for losing; a time for loving, a time for hating...”
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    “I’ve read the Bible. It didn’t ring true to me.”
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    “In regards to this great Book [the Bible], I have but to say it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through this Book. But for it we could not know right from wrong. All things most desirable for man’s welfare, here and hereafter, are found portrayed in it.”
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    “The cross simultaneously stands as a constant reminder of [Jesus’s] willingness to pay the bill, and as an indictment on us when we are unwilling to do the same for others.”
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    “I don’t control anyone, because that’s God’s job. That’s his deal. I can just enjoy and love people. As I keep saying, I wish I would have known this sooner. I wish I could have seen the entire redemptive, narrative arc of the Bible.”
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    “The Bible has this advantage over all other books that teach refinement and good manners: that it goes to the
    child. It goes to the mind at its most impressible and receptive age -- the others have to wait. ”
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    “In that moment, reading those passages, I understood completely how some of the Lackses could believe, without doubt, that Henrietta had been chosen by the Lord to become an immortal being. If you believe the Bible is the literal truth, the immortality of Henrietta’s cells makes perfect sense.”
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    “It is most difficult to understand the disposition of the Bible God, it is such a confusion of contradictions; of watery instabilities and iron firmness; of goody-goody abstract morals made out of words, and concreted hell-born ones made out of acts; of fleeting kindness repented of in permanent malignities.”
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    ″ It shows you that when people have left a reproachful vacancy in a contract they can be as shady about it in Bibles as elsewhere.”
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    “Human history in all ages is red with blood, and bitter with hate, and stained with cruelties; but not since Biblical times have these features been without a limit of some kind.
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    “…The Bible teaches us there is no such thing as real peace until we are delivered from the need to compete with others.”
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    “The guy I like best in the Bible, next to Jesus, was that lunatic and all, that lived in the tombs and kept cutting himself with stones. I like him ten times as much as the disciples.”
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    ″‘This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.’ (Psalm 118:24) Only personalize it and say: ‘I will rejoice and be glad in it.‘”
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    “Real love, the Bible says, instinctively desires permanence.”
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    “The most often repeated commandment in the Bible is ‘Do not fear.’ It’s in there over two hundred timesm . . . It means we are going to be afraid, and it means we shouldn’t let fear boss us around.”
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    “Bits of the Bible had...stayed with me even after I stop believing.”