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I love the way she talks about her family, because it’s sorta different to how an adult would see it. I wasn’t super into the art style at first, but it definitely grew on me, so much so that I now think the art style really adds to the charm and value of this picture book. I’d love to read more about Clarice Bean!
Jamela’s Dress is a heart-warming post-apartheid South African picture book about a little girl who just can’t resist her mama’s new, expensive dress fabric. Instead of looking after it while it hung to dry, Jamela wrapped herself up in the beautiful fabric and paraded down the street, causing it to get dirty and torn. Everyone is upset with Jamela, including Jamela herself, until Archie, a local photographer, saves the day just in time for Thelma’s wedding.
“A fantasy picture book, about a city mouse who moves out to the country. To his surprise, the country mice require him to complete a field test to live among ...”
“With a few brushstrokes and scribbles of ink, Blake conveys moods, contrasts economic situations, and praises those who appreciate secondhand items,”
Children relate to Shane automatically (due to his being around 8 – 10 years old) and can relate to the fear of being on the one hand stubborn (as many children are at that age!) and on the other hand unable to support oneself and needing the security of your parents.
The story and the pictures make you want to see the lovely gardens, Japanese bridge, and lily pond for yourself.
“Oh ho,′ said the crab. His eye-stalks stood straight up, and both eyes stared hard at the sea-thing child. ‘I very much beg your pardon,’ said the crab.”
“On her fifth birthday, Lotta gets a picture book, a swing, and a shiny red handbag -- but no bicycle. ”
″ Love how the last pictures escalades before the very last page. And the play on words in the middle are pretty funny.”
″..and who knew better than anyone that little sisters don’t know anything at all.”
″...and antagonizing her and provoking her little sister into anger.”
“The big sister writes the story of her life, telling how she does everything right and helps everyone.”
“It’s a colorful picture book, telling a simple story of Moomintroll, Little My and her sister the Mymble.”
“A highly diverting picture book about an agreeable pet boa constrictor that earns the affection and gratitude of a French village.”
“The new store has a delivery service so Mr Potter employs an old little horse bus to deliver his wares.”
“But all her young master wants to do is tease her—and he isn’t very good at remembering mealtime either. ”
“The seed a little boy plants grows into a tree with a house on top for him to live in.”
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