Sister Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Sister
“This is what happened to dogs who tried to live in the world without people—they became beaten down, defeated, starved.”
“Amá just shakes her head. “You know, Julia, maybe if you knew how to behave yourself, to keep your mouth shut, your sister would still be alive. Have you ever thought about that?” She finally says it. She says what her big, sad eyes were telling me all along.”
“My sister looks like me- the same brown hair, eyes the same shade of gray... She is aways with the fairies, as my grandma used to say. She wasn’t always that way. Three years ago something happened that changed her. An accident. And just like that the sister I knew was gone. Now she doesn’t go out, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t think much as far as I can tell. She just is.”
″...before I even got indoors, I heard a waily-waily noise coming from the house, and my godmother-aunt said ‘that is your new sister.’ ”
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