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10 of the best book quotes from Slaves Of Quentaris
Yukin and his sister Yulen flee their campsite when they see the ‘false’ Dmenians are hunting for them. They are separated and, along with others of their tribe, are caught and transported to another world.
“Yukin ran faster than he had ever run before. He had chosen his escape route carefully. Here the ground sloped towards the white water of the Kredish River Gorge. If he could outrun the hunter birds and make it to the river, he would be free.”
“Losing concentration, Yukin almost fell as the land dipped beneath the grasses of the plains. Somehow he kept his footing, aware that the hunter birds were cruising the air currents in search of him. He knew he had no choice other than to flee.”
“The horsemen swept across the corn-yellow grasses of the hinterland screaming and shouting to arouse fear. The clans people dispersed like scuttling roaches to be run down and either killed or captured.”
’Yukin knew this trader, had seen him and his men on their mounts running down men, women and children on the plains. He led a tight band of twelve hardened veterans. Yet there were other Akcarum here- more than Yukin could accurately count. ”
“Scipiak cast an occasional glance in the officer’s direction. He was not used to outsiders, of that Yukin was sure. He had overheard the captain exchanging angry words with the trader over the delay in recapturing the escapees.”
“The Bleak Mountains were feared and loathed by all the clans people. The saw-toothed mountains poked skyward like accusing fingers. It was said that the Bleak Mountains were in fact the remains of a giant race that once stalked the wastes of Dmenia.”
“The journey to those feared mountains, however, was not as tortuous as it might have been. Although now doubly shackled to prevent further escape, the prisoners were hauled upon three buffalo-driven wagons.”
“They halted just short of a heavily-guarded granite wall. The slave-traders shoved the clans-people against it while Scipiak spoke to the sentries.”
“They hadn’t travelled far when someone squawked and cursed. This was followed by uneasy laughter. Something flew past Yukin, its wings pushing it through the air like a swift arrow.”

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