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20 of the best book quotes from The Cask of Amontillado
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    “I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation.”
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    “A million candles have burned themselves out. Still I read on.”
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    “His eyes flashed with a fierce light. He laughed and threw the bottle upwards with a gesticulation I did not understand.”
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    “Its walls had been lined with human remains, piled to the vault overhead, in the fashion of the great catacombs of Paris.”
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    “A moment more and I had fettered him to the granite.”
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    “He had a weak point–this Fortunato...”
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    “A moment more and I had fettered him to the granite.”
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    “In painting and gemmary, Fortunato, like his countrymen, was a quack–but in the matter of old wines he was sincere.”
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    “It was about dusk, one evening during the supreme madness of the carnival season, that I encountered my friend.”
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    ″‘I shall not die of a cough.’
    ‘True – true,’ I replied.”
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    “For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them.”
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    “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.”

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    “At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitely, settled—but the very definitiveness with which it was resolved precluded the idea of risk. I must not only punish but punish with impunity.”
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    “I had finished a portion of the last and the eleventh; there remained but a single stone to be fitted and plastered in.”
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    “The man wore motley. He had on a tight-fitting parti-striped dress, and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells.”
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    ″‘You jest,’ he exclaimed, recoiling a few paces. ‘But let us proceed to the Amontillado.‘”
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    “A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.”
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    ″‘Come,’ I said, with decision, ‘we will go back; your health is precious.‘”
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    “Ha! ha! ha!–he! he!–a very good joke indeed–an excellent jest. We shall have many a rich laugh about it at the palazzo–he! he! he!–over our wine–he! he! he!”
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    “There came forth in reply only a jingling of the bells. My heart grew sick–on account of the dampness of the catacombs.”
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