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Six of the best book quotes about imprisoned
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    “Powerful magic holds the knots in place. When released, Muriel can channel that magic into granting the favor.”
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    “Loose these chains. Loose these chains.”
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    “Capital punishment means ‘them without the capital get the punishment.‘”
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    ″‘This is the Quiet Box,’ Grandma said. ‘It is much more durable than any cell in the entire dungeon. It holds only a single prisoner, but it always holds a single prisoner. The only way to get the captive out is to put another in.‘”
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    “They put me on death row for six years! They threatened me for six years. They tortured me with the promise of execution for six years. I lost my job. I lost my life. I lost my reputation. I lost my – I lost my dignity.”
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    “We opened our eyes, lying on our stomach on the brick floor of a cell. We looked upon two hands lying far before us on the bricks, and we moved them, and we knew that they were our hands.”
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