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32 of the best book quotes about milk
“You are my face; I am you. Why did you leave me who am you? I will never leave you again Don’t ever leave me again You will never leave me again You went in the water I drank your blood I brought your milk You forgot to smile I loved you You hurt me You came back to me You left me I waited for you You are mine You are mine You are mine”
“Nothing I had ever drunk had ever tasted like that before: rich and warm and perfectly happy in my mouth. I remembered that milk after I had forgotten about everything else.”
“And chances are if he asks you for a glass of milk, he’s going to want a cookie to go with it.”
“ ‘Eat, eat, Hendrika,’ he would say. ‘The more you eat the more creamy white milk you can give me.’ ”
“Do you think I’m a rich man, Comfort, to feed my dog on milk? Not I. I work for what I get.”
“The moon was high above us. It seemed to fit exactly over the center of the clearing and the snow below it was whiter than milk in a cereal bowl.”
“Soon the Jolly Postman, We hear tell, Stopped at a door with a giant bell And a giant Bottle of milk as well”
“She took out of her cupboard 3 eggs, Bread, Cocoa, Milk, a kipper and Jam. She put it all in her cauldron and stirred it up. There was plenty of breakfast for everyone.”
“The Tea Party In the pleasant green Garden We sat down to tea; ‘Do you take sugar?’ and ‘Do you take milk?’ She’d got a new gown on- A smart one of silk. We all were so happy As happy could be, On that bright Summer’s day When she asked us to tea.”
“It was raining in the garden. Mog thought, ‘Perhaps the sun is shining in the street’. When the milkman came she ran out. The milkman shut the door. The sun was not shining in the street after all. It was raining. “
″‘I’m sure it’s a cat. Go and give it some milk.’ ‘There’s nobody there,’ said John Brown.”
″‘I don’t need the milk,’ said my father. He pointed at Rosie. ‘But she needs you to milk her.’ ‘She doesn’t need me to-’ ‘She needs you.‘”
“Every night, when John Brown wasn’t looking, she put out a bowl of milk.”
“Every day they gave it plenty of milk- and soon it grew nice and plump.”
“This is the priest all shaven and shorn, that married the man all tattered and torn, that kissed the maiden all forlorn that milked the cow with the crumpled horn”
“This is the man all tattered and torn, that kissed the maiden all forlorn, that milked the cow with the crumpled horn, that tossed the dog, that worried the cat, that chased the rat, that ate the malt, that lay in the house that Jack built”
“This the maiden all forlorn, that milked the cow with the crumpled horn, that tossed the dog, that worried the cat, that chased the rat, that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built”
“He took a bite of sandwich,a bite of pickle, a bite of hardboiled egg, and a drink of milk. Then he sprinkled more salt on the egg and went around again. Albert made the sandwich, the pickle, the gg, and the milk come out even.”
“Francis ate her bread and jam and drank her milk. Then she went out to the playground and skipped rope. She did not skip as fast as she had skipped in the morning.”
“Where the bakers who bake till the dawn so we can have cake in the morn mixed Mickey in batter, chanting: ‘Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! Stir it! Scrape it! Make it! Bake it!’ and they put that batter up to bake a delicious Mickey-cake.”
“…right in the middle of the steaming and the making and the smelling and the baking Mickey poked through and said: ‘I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me! I’m Mickey!’ ”
“…the Bakers ran up with a measuring cup, howling: ‘Milk! Milk! Milk for the morning cake!’ ”
″ ‘What’s all the fuss? I’m Mickey the pilot! I get milk the Mickey way!’ And he grabbed the cup as he flew up and up and up and over the top of the milky way in the night kitchen.”
“Mickey the Milkman dived down to the bottom singing: ‘I’m in the milk and the milk’s in me. God bless milk and God bless me! Then he swam to the top, pouring milk from his cup into batter below”
“All around the green gravel, The grass grows so green, And all the pretty maids are fit to be seen; Wash them in milk, Dress them in silk, And the first to go down shall be married.”
“Hushy, baby, my dolly. I pray you don’t cry, And I’ll give you some bread And some milk by and by; Or perhaps you like custard, Or maybe a tart, - Then to either you’re welcome. With all my whole heart.”
“Three little pussies, All in a row, Ranged on a table, Two down below. Five little pussies Dressed all in silk, Waiting for sugar, Waiting for milk. Dear little pussies, If you would thrive, Breakfast at nine o’clock, Take tea at five.”
“Her table was usually set with only white and black- milk and dark bread, of which there was no shortage- and sometimes there was broiled bacon and an egg or two-”
“Then Grandpa pours some batter into the frying pan, and Dusty pours all of his milk into the batter. ‘No, no, no, NO! I am going crazy!’ shouts Grandpa. He puts Dusty on the floor again.”
‘I want to help,’ says Dusty. ‘Not with the eggs,’ says Grandpa. ‘Not with the eggs,’ days Dusty. Grandpa hurries to add the flour, milk, and new eggs - without the shells.”
“You shall have milk as long as old Hedgehog has some prickles left.”
“You must take care you don’t get caught, even if we do go without milk.”

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