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Nine of the best book quotes about blanket
“I had a dream about you last night... I was a brick and you were a blanket. Damn that improbability drive.”
“Kipper put the blanket back in his basket. He found his rabbit. ‘Sorry Rabbit,’ he said. He found his bone and his ball. ‘I like my basket just the way it is,’ yawned Kipper. He climbed in and pulled the blanket over his head.”
“The two bears leapt bravely from the hole in the ceiling. Their handkerchief parachutes opened out and they floated gently down...landing safely in the blanket.”
“As soon as they were back on their feet they circled round her so that the blanket was wrapped tighter and tighter. Then they tied the four corners together so that she could not possibly get out, and left her in the middle of the kitchen.”
“Father Pig went out into the night and carried the blanket bundle to the middle of the bridge. There he leant over the parapet and shook Mrs Wolf into the swirling depths of the big river. And she was not heard of again for a very long time.”
“When it was cold he wrapped him up in a bit of blanket.”
“Alfie feels like laughing out loud. Daddy looks so funny laying there sleeping. Alfie takes a blanket and tucks it in around Daddy.”
But all Halinka has is herself, a blanket from her beloved Aunt Lou, and a secret notebook where she holds her sayings.
“We sat around the table, drinking and laughing and smiling, but then we got kind of quiet. It was a nice kind of quiet. The kind you could wrap yourself up in like a blanket.”
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