Thea Beckman Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Thea Beckman
“All right then. Place your feet exactly in the middle of that metal square. That’s right. On no account touch the walls. Just close your eyes and keep still. Don’t get impatient.”
“The man recovered his breath and went to get his mule. He tied the animal to a tree and walked over to the motionless robber, still lying in the road. Angrily he kicked the body.”
“He had wasted his four hours time-travel in chatting, doing sums and even fighting. He had nothing to show Dr. Simiak from the Middle ages. It would not be of much value to tell him about the fascinating Leonardo.”
The dreadful conditions he encounters compel him to use his twentieth-century knowledge to try to create order out of chaos, and in spite of himself he becomes a leader and organizer.
Dolf helps the children defy the terrible mountains, conquer disease and fight evil knights. Slowly, Dolf begins to realize that the real danger does not lurk behind the next mountaintop, but rather within the crusade itself.
Fifteen-year-old Dolf uses a prototype time machine and gets stuck in the Middle Ages. Trying to find his way back to the twentieth century, he joins a children’s crusade of almost ten thousand children on their way to the Holy Land.
A time machine catapults a twentieth-century teenager -intelligent and headstrong - to the thirteenth century. Rudolf Hefting of Amsterdam thought the was engaged in an experiment that would take him back to the Middle Age to a tournament of knights.
A strander traveler in time, Rudolf has no choice but to join the immense children’s army -almost ten thousand strong.
“Dolf was feeling troubled again. Stealthily, he glanced at his watch. Heavens! Half-past four! He had completely forgotten the time. There was no possibility now of this visiting that medieval town.”
But by a miscalculation of the computer, he arrives in the Rhineland as the exact time that the Children’s Crusade is passing through.
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