berries Quotes

21 of the best book quotes about berries
“One berry Two berry Pick me a blueberry”
“Three berry Four berry Hayberry Strawberry”
“Under the bridge And over the dam Looking for berries Berries for jam”
“Finger and pawberry My berry, your berry”
“Quickberry! Quackberry! Pick me a blackberry!”
“Mountains and fountains Rain down on me Buried in berries What a jam jamboree!”
“Raspberry rabbits Brassberry ban Elephants skating On raspberry jam”
“Trainberry Trackberry Clickety-clackberry”
“Rumble and ramble In blackberry bramble Billions of berries For blackberry jamble”
“Christopher learns all about the different fruits, berries and vegetables growing in his garden, and makes lots of new friends who promise to always play with him.”
“After a long walk, Elmer found what he was looking for- a large bush. A large bush covered with elephant-coloured berries.”
“Little Bear padded up and peeked into her pail. Of course, he only wanted to taste a few of what was inside, but there were so many and they were so close together, that he tasted a Tremendous Mouthful by mistake. ‘Now, Sal,’ said Little Sal’s mother without turning around, ‘you run along and pick your own berries. Mother wants to can these for next winter.’ Little Bear tasted another Tremendous Mouthful, and almost spilled the entire pail of blueberries.”
“She picked three more berries and ate them. Then she picked more berries and dropped one in the pail-kuplunk! And the rest she ate. Then Little Sal ate all four blueberries out of her pail!”
“She hadn’t gone very far before she heard a kuplunk! Kuplunk! Kuplunk! She knew just what made that kind of noise!”
“Little Sal brought along her small tin pail and her mother brought her large tin pail to put berries in. ‘We will take our berries home and can them’, said her mother. ‘Then we will have food for the winter’. “
“her mother walked slowly through the bushes, picking blueberries as she went and putting them in her pail. Little Sal struggled along behind, picking blueberries and eating every single one.”
“Little Bear’s mother turned around to see what on earth could make a noise like kuplunk! ‘Garumpf!’ she cried, choking on a mouthful of berries, ‘This is not my child! Where is Little Bear?’ She took one good look and backed away. (She was old enough to she shy of people, even a very small person like Little Sal.) Then she turned around and walked off very fast to hunt for Little Bear.”
“Crocodiles don’t eat berries, we eat little boys and girls. And sometimes we eat Roly-Poly Birds, as well. ”
“But little by little they had nibbled up most of the nuts and berries, the straw was gone, and the corn was only a memory. It was cold in the wall and no one felt like chatting.”
“And when he told them of the blue periwinkles, the red poppies in the yellow wheat, and the green leaves of the berry bush, they saw the colors as clearly as if they had been painted in their minds.”
“This Bad Harry and my naughty little sister used to play together quite a lot in Harry’s garden, or in our garden, and got up to dreadful mischief between them, picking all the baby gooseberries, and the green blackcurrants, and throwing sand on the flower-beds, and digging up the runner-bean seeds, and all the naughty sorts of things you never, never do in the garden.”
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