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14 of the best book quotes about naughty
“And all the time he was enjoying his badness, hugging it to him as though it were a friend, and not caring a bit.”
“Michael knew now what was happening to him. He knew he was going to be naughty.”
“The firemen rushed into the house. They opened the door. NO FIRE! Only a naughty little monkey.”
“Read all about Little Mr Tuppeny, the naughty little blacksmith and the adventures of Dicky Dawdle in this fantastic collection of adventurous stories.”
“He was too naughty! I sent him back.”
“But in Australia a model child is - I say it not without thankfulness- an unknown quantity. It may be that the miasmas of naughtiness develop best in the sunny brilliancy, of our atmosphere. It may be that the land and the people are young-hearted together, and the children’s spirits not crushed and saddened by the shadow of long years’ sorrowful history.”
Naughty children with nasty habits, cartoon heroes that come to life, lonely caretakers, unhappy ghosts, fantastical creatures with crazy names, giants, goblins, vampires, mermaids.
“But my sister hadn’t meant to be naughty. She thought she had given the book-little-boy her own supper, and you know she was quite a greedy child, so it was a kind thing to do really.”
“You wouldn’t think there could be another child as naughty as my naughty little sister, would you? But there was...and this boy’s name was Harry.”
“A very long time ago, when I was a little girl, I didn’t have a naughty little sister at all. I was a child all on my own. I had a father and a mother of course, but I hadn’t any other little brothers or sisters - I was quite alone.”
“This Bad Harry and my naughty little sister used to play together quite a lot in Harry’s garden, or in our garden, and got up to dreadful mischief between them, picking all the baby gooseberries, and the green blackcurrants, and throwing sand on the flower-beds, and digging up the runner-bean seeds, and all the naughty sorts of things you never, never do in the garden.”
“You know how hard it is to learn to be good. Well, it may be just as hard to learn to be naughty.”
″...George hates being a girl, and we have to call her George, as if she were a boy. The naughty girl won’t answer if we call her Georgina.”
“She and Dorinda had talked a good deal about the wind on the moon, that might have blown into their hearts, and both of them felt that the time was coming when they were going to be naughtier than ever before. They were very excited about it, because they expected to enjoy themselves thoroughly.”
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