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Nine of the best book quotes about better life
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    “Mind is a fertile land and the crop depends on what you sow and how you nurture”
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    “America has nothing to fear from these newcomers, that they have come here for the same reason that families came here 150 years ago—all those who fled Europe’s famines and wars and unyielding hierarchies, all those who may not have had the right legal documents or connections or unique skills to offer but who carried with them a hope for a better life.”
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    “I wish to weep
    but sorrow is
    I wish to believe
    but belief is a
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    “God accepts you. God approves of you. And He has something better in store.”
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    “He must examine his objectives and see that true progress is achieved through moving forward to a better way of life, rather than upward to total life incompetence.”
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    “If you and I spend our seasons together we would find that our dreams and fantasies of happily-ever-after-love have holes in them through which the wind of karma blows: our yellow flag shakes. And I would like you to look ahead and see what I know: the wind will replace our pretty ideas with something brighter: life.”
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    “Sometimes you aim for the sun and fall short. But if you keep fighting for your dream, it becomes something so much better than you even knew to hope for. ”
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    “No matter what you’ve experienced remember this: There are people who’ve had it better than you and done worse. And there are people who’ve had it worse than you and done better. ”
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    “Past hurts can make you bitter or better—the choice is yours.”