Gentlemen Quotes

13 of the best book quotes from Gentlemen
″‘A king fortifies himself with a castle,’ observed the Count, ‘a gentleman with a desk.‘”
“On meeting, a gentleman is presented to the lady first because it is considered an honor for him to meet her.”
“June Star didn’t think it was any good. She said she wouldn’t marry a man that just brought her a watermelon on Saturday. The grandmother said she would have done well to marry Mr. Teagarden because he was a gentleman and had bought Coca-Cola stock when it first came out.”
“It was a tragic thing. May I say your father impressed me greatly with his manly qualities. He was a close trader but he acted the gentleman.”
“He is an amateur and international affairs today are no longer for gentleman amateurs.”
“Liberal Education makes not the Christian, not the Catholic, but the gentleman”
“So many things are new to him! The broad streets! The automobiles and buses! However, he is especially interested in two gentlemen he notices on the street. He says to himself: ‘Really, they are very well dressed. I would like to have some fine clothes, too! I wonder how I can get them?’ ”
“What could he and she really know of each other, since it was his duty, as a “decent” fellow, to conceal his past from her, and hers, as a marriageable girl, to have no past to conceal?”
“I said nothing, nor so much as lifted my face. I had seen murder done, and a great, ruddy, jovial gentleman struck out of life in a moment; the pity of that sight was still sore within me, and yet that was but a part of my concern. Here was murder done upon the man Alan hated; here was Alan skulking in the trees and running from the troops; and whether his was the hand that fired or only the head that ordered, signified but little. By my way of it, my only friend in that wild country was blood-guilty in the first degree; I held him in horror; I could not look upon his face; I would have rather lain alone in the rain on my cold isle, than in that warm wood beside a murderer.”
“Now, you gentlemen can save a lot of time if you just line up across the river and I’ll be along to give you each a lollipop.”
“Now Angelica little knew that the ring which Giglio had given her was a fairy ring: if a man wore it, it made all the women in love with him; if a woman, all the gentlemen.”
“There is none of the colour and tastiness of get-up, you will perceive, which lends such a life to the present game at Rugby, making the dullest and worst-fought match a pretty sight. Now each house has its own uniform of cap and jersey, of some lively colour; but at the time we are speaking of plush caps have not yet come in, or uniforms of any sort, except the School-house white trousers, which are abominably cold to-day. Let us get to work, bare-headed, and girded with our plain leather straps. But we mean business, gentlemen.”
″ ‘What is he sent to school for? Well, partly because he wanted so to go. If he’ll only turn out a brave, helpful, truth-telling Englishman, and a gentleman, and a Christian, that’s all I want.’ ”
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