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Seven of the best book quotes about debt
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    “We say we value the legacy we leave the next generation and then saddle that generation with mountains of debt.”
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    “Death is a debt to nature due,
    Which I have paid, and so must you.”
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    “There’s debts we can’t pay like money debts, by paying extra for the years that have slipped by.”
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    “Weedon Scott had set himself the task of redeeming White Fang -- or rather, of redeeming mankind from the wrong it had done White Fang. It was a matter of principle and conscience. He felt that the ill done White Fang was a debt incurred by man and that it must be paid.”
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    “Justice is the giving to each man what is proper to him, and this he termed a debt.”
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    ″... he saved my life in the coolest and readiest manner, and he has made a friend who never will require to be reminded of the debt he owes.”
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    “It’s not what you make but what you save that gets you out of debt.”

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