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13 of the best book quotes about dictatorship
“My point is that we’re dealing with two devils who both want to rule hell.”
″[Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s] orders were being carried out even before they were given, even before he thought of them, and they always went much beyond what he would have dared have them do. Lost in the solitude of his immense power, he began to lose direction.”
“‘I think,’ says Professor Carl Hermann, who never left his homeland, ‘that even now the outside world does not realize how surprised we non-Nazis were in 1933. When mass dictatorship occurred in Russia, then in Italy, we said to one another, ‘That is what happens in backward countries. We are fortunate, for all our troubles, that it cannot happen here.’ But it did, worse even than elsewhere, and I think that all the explanations leave some mystery. When I think of it at all, I still say, with unbelief, ‘Germany—no, not Germany.‘”
“Any government, whether it is a democracy, a dictatorship, a communistic or free enterprise bureaucracy, will fall when its hierarchy reaches an intolerable state of maturity.”
There are many different messages in the book e.g the the destruction of the environment and even the dangers of global warming, the horrors of dictatorship and many more.
An evil and greedy man has become dictator and turned the Tree into a desolate wasteland, caring only about making money. Toby might be the only one to stop him. Overall, a fast-paced book that keeps you reading, the evil characters seemed a little bit too evil to me and I didn’t realize the book was set-up for a sequel!
“Franco’s imposed dictatorship firmly in place there were still groups of defeated Republican resistance fighters living in the mountains who were being hunted down by the brutal Nationalists.”
″ Memoirs of a Basque Cow has depth and many layers which probably lends itself to being more suitable for 11+ upwards including adults who will get much from the book too.”
“I catch the rose petals as they fall from my cheeks, as they float around the frame of my body, as they cover me in something that feels like the absence of courage.”
“All dictators followed the same routine of torture, as if they had all read the manual of sadistic etiquette.”
“This children’s book about a boy named Pedro who lives with his mother and father in an unnamed country under a dictatorship.”
Pedro discusses the paper with his classmate Juan, asking him if he is against the dictatorship. Juan replies with “Of course I am…they took my father away up north.”
“The afternoon sunlight frames the head of Miguel Alberti, the Silver Lion, as he stands to speak. He wears a white suit. In his hand he hold a green panama. ‘People of Chile.... Compañeros!’ His arm is a spear, upraised. ‘Comrades in hope.’ Cheers roll under the caverns of the stadium like sea breakers.”
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