Fablehaven #2: Rise of the Evening Star Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Fablehaven #2: Rise of the Evening Star
″‘You should have Hugo throw you in the pool.’ The golem turned his head toward Seth, who shrugged. ‘Sure, that would be fun.’ Hugo nodded, grabbed Seth, and, with a motion like a hook shot, flung him skyward. ... Her brother sailed nearly as high as the roof of the house before plummeting down and landing in the center of the deep end with an impressive splash. Kendra ran to the side of the pool. By the time she arrived, Seth was boosting himself out of the waster, hair and clothes dripping. ‘That was the freakiest, awesomest moment in my life!’ Seth declared. ‘But next time, let me take off my shoes.‘”
″‘Can you see the power emotion has to distort our outlook? Makes you wonder, did you have a bad day, or did you make it a bad day.‘”
″‘You act like I think I’m some big shot,’ Kendra said, ‘I think you’re projecting. I know I’m just a girl. Without the help of all the fairies I would have died last summer.’ ‘False humility is more insulting than open pride!’ the fairy sniffed.”
″‘Funny you guys should mention brownies,’ Seth said. ‘We need a favor.’ ‘Does the favor involve demons trashing our shed?’ Newel asked.
″‘This is the Quiet Box,’ Grandma said. ‘It is much more durable than any cell in the entire dungeon. It holds only a single prisoner, but it always holds a single prisoner. The only way to get the captive out is to put another in.‘”
″‘This is more like it,’ Seth said happily, placing the gold inside his emergency kit. ‘What does the ‘N’ stand for?′ Newel scratched his head. ‘Nothing.’ ‘Right,’ Doren said hastily. ‘Stands for ‘nothing″”
″‘Tingly,’ he said. His eyes widened. ‘Really tingly!’ His clothes suddenly looked very loose. He looked up at Kendra, craning his neck at his much taller sister...The shrinking accelerated, and he seemed to disappear.”
“Without warning, the statue squirmed and bit the side of his thumb. Yelling in surprise, Seth dropped the figurine and the flashlight onto the carpeted floor.”
“Seth pictured the gaunt man with the lank hair and the unphotogenic smile rocking the cocoon. ‘He can’t get in, he can’t get in, he can’t get in,’ Seth repeated softly to himself.”
″‘He paid a severe price to est the revenant-it was evidently a very close contest. Potion or no potion, your brother must have the heart of a lion!’ ‘He’s very brave,’ Kendra said, tears pooling in her eyes.”
“Pausing, he set down his things and began throwing punches to warm himself up. Wow, he hadn’t realized how fast his right had gotten! His left was pretty good too. He was a machine!”
″‘The entire preserve is in danger. Members of the Society of the Evening Star have taken over the house.’ ... He raised his eyebrows. ‘You’re saying there isn’t going to be a Welcome-Back-from-Your-Coma-Party?‘”
″‘Why did you betray us?’ Kendra accused. ‘One day those I serve will rule all,’ Vanessa said. ‘I do no more harm that I must. At present, our needs align. We must defeat the guardian to escape this place, and neither of us will succeed alone.‘”
“This surpassed the fear of death. Death would be a mercy if it would make the feeling stop, the uncontrollable panic mingling with the mind-scrambling certainty of something sinister approaching, something with no need to hurry, something that would not be so kind as to let him die. The fear was palpable, suffocating, irresistible.”
“Seth realized he had made the worst mistake of his life, and that now he would die. Why hadn’t he waited to open the cocoon? Why was he so impatient?”
″‘I can’t believe I missed the coolest thing anyone has ever seen,’ Seth complained...‘A giant, flying, snake-covered, three-headed, acid-breathing panther. If you didn’t have witnesses, I’d be sure you made it up just to torture me.‘”
“The car trembled and skidded, and for a terrible moment Kendra thought they were going to sail off the road, but Vanessa regained control and they raced away.”
″‘Maybe you should just feed me to him,’ Seth said. ‘Don’t talk nonsense,’ Grandma said. Seth stood up. ‘Wouldn’t it be better than letting Olloch destroy all of Fablehaven? Sounds like he’ll get me sooner or later.‘”
″‘Do you think you could go back to bed?’ Grandpa asked. ‘Not likely,’ Kendra said. ‘I’ve never felt more awake. And I’ve never wished more that I was dreaming.‘”
″‘Seth, the artifact we are looking for is very important. In the wrong hands it could be extremely dangerous. It could even lead to the end of the world.‘”
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