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Eight of the best book quotes about palace
“There is a way on high, easily seen in a clear sky, and which, remarkable for its very whiteness, receives the name of the Milky Way. Along this is the way for the Gods above to the abode of the great Thunderer and his royal palace.”
“Once more on his bicycle The Postman rode To a beautiful palace, so we’ve been told, Where nightingales sang And a sign said ‘SOLD’, With a letter for...Cinderella. (There’s a surprise!)”
“Drac the Warrior Queen and the crafty Gremlin leave the palace of the White Wizard for their secret jungle hideout...always on the alert for their next perilous mission.”
“Now that she knew where the prince lived, the little mermaid spent many evenings and nights looking at the splendid palace. She swam nearer to the land than any of her sisters had dared. There was a marble balcony that cast its shadow across a narrow canal, and beneath it, she hid and watched the young prince.”
″ ‘When I was alive and had a human heart,’ answered the statue, ‘I did not know what tears were, for I lived in the Palace of Sans-Souci, where sorrow is not allowed to enter.’ ”
“If your daughter is as clever as you say, bring her to my palace to-morrow, and I’ll put her to the test.”
“Dauntless Little John was a wealthy youth indeed with all those gold pieces, and he lived happily in his palace. Then one day what should he do but look behind him and see his shadow: he was so frightened he died.”
“A trick that everyone abhors In Little Girls is slamming Doors A Wealthy Banker’s Little Daughter Who lived in Palace Green, Bayswater (By name Rebecca Offendort) Was given to this Furious Sport.”
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