intensity Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about intensity
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    “I’m not telling you to love it. I’m telling you to crave the result so intensely that the work is irrelevant.”
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    “All this he saw, for one moment breathless and intense, vivid on the morning sky; and still, as he looked, he lived; and still, as he lived, he wondered.”
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    “I watched him put the peach in his mouth and slowly begin to eat it, staring at me so intensely that I thought even lovemaking didn’t go so far…I could tell he was tasting it at that very instant.”
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    “There is too much fuel in her. The world ignites her fire and she works both ways.”
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    “When she loves, she loves too much and when she hates, she hates too much. And in between there is so much wage, so much that she loses herself in these moments.”
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    “It is better to dedicate two or three hours of intense focus to a skill than to spend eight hours of diffused concentration on it. You want to be as immediately present to what you are doing as possible.”
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    “Do you ever think that people who find it tougher to say what they’re feeling are the ones who feel things more intensely? As if they’re the ones who really understand what it means to love someone? As if they have to keep their defenses high, because they care too much and have too much to lose?”