Jack Prelutsky Quotes

13 of the best book quotes from Jack Prelutsky
“I spied my shadow slinking up behind me in the night, I issued it a challenge, and we started in to fight.”
“I wrestled with that shadow, but it wasn’t any fun, I tried my very hardest— all the same, my shadow won.”
“Yubbazubbies, you are yummy, you are succulent and sweet, you are splendidly delicious, quite delectable to eat...”
″ I smack my lips with relish when you bump against my knees, then nuzzle up beside me, chirping, “Eat us if you please!”
“Yubbazubbies, you are luscious, you are soft and smooth as silk, like a dish of chicken dumplings, or a glass of chocolate milk.”
“I’m a basic boneless chicken, yes, I have no bones inside, I’m without a trace of rib cage, yet I hold myself with pride.”
“You are juicy, Yubbazubbies, you are tender, never tough, you are appetizing morsels, I can never get enough.”
“you have captivating flavors and a tantalizing smell, a bit like candied apple, and a bit like caramel.”
Prelutsky really uses his imagination writing about things we’ve thought about and things we’d never even imagined. The poems open readers up to the world and minds of children.
“I am absolutely boneless, I am boneless through and through, I have neither neck nor thighbones, and my back is boneless too, and I haven’t got a wishbone, not a bone within my breast, so I rarely care to travel from the comfort of my nest.”
I have feathers fine and fluffy, I have lovely little wings, but I lack the superstructure to support these splendid things. Since a chicken finds it tricky to parade on boneless legs, I stick closely to the hen house, laying little scrambled eggs.”
“Jellyfish stew, I’m loony for you, I dearly adore you, oh, truly I do, you’re creepy to see, revolting to chew, you slide down inside, with a hullabaloo.”
“There’s a new kid on the block and a boy, that’s kind of though, that new kid punches hard, that new kid plays real rough, with muscles everywhere, the new kid tweaked my arm, the new kid pulled my hair.”

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