John Grisham Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from John Grisham
“I have saddled myself with the burdens of innocent people rotting away in prison while rapists and murderers roam free.”
“In the parking lot we do a proper man hug and say farewell. I have no idea which direction he is headed, and that’s the beautiful thing about Frankie. He wakes up free every morning...”
“I suppose that in America everything, including education and corrections, is fair game for profiteers.”
“Duke Russell is not guilty of the unspeakable crimes for which he was convicted; nonetheless, he is scheduled to be executed for them in one hour and forty-four minutes.”
“I’ll find the evidence and before long Duke will get out. You’ll take his place. I’m coming your way, Carter.”
“How many of us have a true friend who loves what we do and is willing to listen for hours?”
“When I signed on with Guardian I took a vow of poverty. If my clients can survive on two bucks a day for food, the least I can do is cut every corner.”
“Bite marks and hair analysis have been discredited in most advanced jurisdictions. Both belong to that pathetic and ever-shifty field of knowledge derisively known as defense and innocence lawyers as ‘junk science.’”
“His freedom invigorates me and keeps me going.”
“In white America, prisons are good places where bad men pay for their crimes. In black America, they are too often used as warehouses to keep minorities off the streets.”
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