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23 of the best book quotes about white
“I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was white all over. Even part of her hair. Her neck, her arms, her bare body, her legs. She’d painted herself white with gloss paint. There were frantic white splotches all over her body, covering each and every tattoo...”
“The moon was high above us. It seemed to fit exactly over the center of the clearing and the snow below it was whiter than milk in a cereal bowl.”
“The girl has a nice face. No pockmarks. She’s well mannered and obeys her father and sisters. And not too dark. She’s a little thing, but she has strong hands and arms. She’ll need to gain some weight, but you understand that. It’s been a difficult time for the family.”
“I wondered why white blokes didn’t worry about the Moodagudda much.”
“To Baby Oh, what shall my blue eyes go see? Shall it be pretty Quack-Quack to-day? Or the Peacock upon the Yew Tree? Or the dear little white Lambs at play? Say Baby. For Baby is such a young Petsy, And Baby is such a sweet Dear. And Baby is growing quite old now- She’s just getting on for a year.”
“He had the dearest little red float. His rod was tough stalk of grass, his line was a fine long white horse-hair, and he tied a little wriggling worm at the end.”
“Only white folks got the freedom to hate home.”
“Stella had lived white for half her life now, and maybe acting for that long ceased to be acting altogether. Maybe pretending to be white eventually made it so.”
“In white America, prisons are good places where bad men pay for their crimes. In black America, they are too often used as warehouses to keep minorities off the streets.”
“All there was to being white was acting like you were.”
“But just as he was about to leave, he saw another one all black and white and it seemed just as pretty as the first. So he took this one also.”
“Gathering is peculiar, because you see nothing but what you’re looking for. If you’re picking raspberries, you see only what’s red, and if you’re looking for bones you see only the white.”
“He walked toward her instantly and put out his hand to lay it on her. There was nothing there but intense cold. All grew white about him. He groped on further. The white thickened about him and he felt himself stumbling and falling. But as he fell, he rolled over the threshold. It was thus that Diamond got to the back of the north wind.”
″‘Why is your shield white?’ he stammered. ‘Because white contains every colour,’ the knight responded.”
“Her table was usually set with only white and black- milk and dark bread, of which there was no shortage- and sometimes there was broiled bacon and an egg or two-”
“His family combed and brushed him lovingly, and he became once again a white dog with black spots.”
“I go to all the weddings in the White and Gold room and I usually stay for the reception”
“In fact, he changed from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots”
“Harry was a white dog with black spots who liked everything, except...getting a bath”
In the seaport city of Bristol in the late 1700′s, Midnight, a black slave, encounters and falls in love with Jess, a white indentured servant.
“In the middle of the ring of birds on the ceiling, a circle seemed to open up to which all the primitive colors were returning. The thousand greens of the jungles, the white of waterfalls and, from the land of wading birds, the pink and grey of the wetlands, with a red sun trembling on the muddy, bloodshot surface.”
“As everyone knows, if the first butterfly you see is yellow the summer will be a happy one. If it is white then you will just have a quiet summer. Black and brown butterflies should never be talked about- they are much too sad.”
“I was the same man, whether white or black. Yet when I was white, I received the brotherly-love smiles and the privileges from whites and the hate stares or obsequiousness from the Negroes. And when I was a Negro, the whites judged me fit for the junk heap, while the Negroes treated me with great warmth.”

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