Mrs H.C. Cradock Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Mrs H.C. Cradock
“She was six years old. Her mother had promised her that she should have a party. She had been looking forward to this party for weeks, and now at last the day had come. The children had been invited, six girls and four boys.”
“in the afternoon she helped her mother prepare the tea-table. They put some flowers -yellow chrysanthemums- in the middle of the table, and then they arranged the plates of cakes and bread and butter in order.”
“Once upon a time on a winter afternoon two little children sat talking near the nursery fire. Nurse was downstairs ironing, and she had told them to amuse themselves till she came back.They were considering what game they should play next.”
″ A little dog sat on the hearthrug, and he kept looking up at them, as much as to say: ‘You must let me play with you, whatever it is.’ He was the dearest little dog, whit shaggy hair and bright eyes. His name was ‘Tip.”
“Then Nina began dressing up. She put on the bonnet in front of a little looking-glass which hung on the wall. It was an old one of her mother’s and of course much too big for her. It would tilt on one side too.”
“At this moment Tip, who thought that he was being altogether forgotten, left his place behind the carriage and calmly went and lay down again on the hearthrug. However, he soon jumped up again, for Maurice pretended that the horses were running away.”
“The carriage was stopped with a jerk, and the coachman jumped from his seat. He came to the carriage window, and explained that the wind had blown his hat off. ‘I am exceedingly sorry, ma’am,’ he said, ′ but the wind has carried my hat to the other side of the road, and I daren’t leave these frisky horses a minute.”
″... there was a little girl whose name was Nora. She lived with her father and mother in the country, and their house stood in a beautiful park.”
“Nora was five. She had no brothers or sisters. Her chief friends were dolls. The doll she liked best was called May, and had big blue eyes and golden hair. I must tell you more about these dolls another day...”
“Nora was very anxious to go down to the beach to dig, so as soon as supper was over they set off together. But they had a disappointment that evening, for when they got ear the sea they bound that it was high tide, and there could be no digging till to-morrow.”
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