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The human mind delights in grand conceptions of supernatural beings.
There are misfortunes in life that no one will accept; people would rather believe in the supernatural and the impossible.
“There was a girl who could fly, a boy who had bees living inside him, a brother and sister who could lift boulders over their heads.”
“In that narrow cut of light I saw a face that seemed to have been transplanted directly from the nightmares of my childhood.”
“He drew near and saw that it was no natural fire he witnessed, but rather the dance of the witches.”
“Ultima’s spirit bathed me with its strong resolution.”
“We’re here, you know ... All the time. You can talk to us and think about us. It doesn’t have to be sad or scary.”
“But I came to believe that if I watched closely, and desired, I might change the lives of those I loved on Earth.”
“No man sees all ... but ... you’ll see more ... than some men see in a lifetime. ”
″ If dying was required, he intended to die as Roland ... crawling toward the Tower. ”
“There are forces at work ... not all ... are working to keep us away from the Tower. ”
“It’s ... a job that needs to be done ... wrong cannot be allowed to stand. ”
“Listening to him tell the story now, it was clear to Adam that Glendower was more than a historical figure to Gansey. He was everything Gansey wished he could be: wise and brave, sure of his path, touched by the supernatural, respected by all, survived by his legacy.”
“There was something tall, black, and skinny there, moving before her. At first she took it for a man. It could have been a man dancing in the field. But she stood still and listened, and it did not make a sound. It was as silent as a ghost. ‘Ghost,’ she said sharply, ‘who be you the ghost of? For I have heard of nary death close by.‘”
“Those that can heal can harm; those that can cure can kill.”
“I am Mary. I am a witch. Or so some would call me. ‘Spawn of the Devil,’ ‘Witch child,’ they hiss in the street, although I know neither father nor mother. I know only my grandmother, Eliza Nuttall; Mother Nuttall to her neighbors. She brought me up from a baby. If she knew who my parents are, she never told me.”
“In the town live witches nine: three in worsted, three in rags, and three in velvet fine...”
“But he didn’t believe in supernatural monsters. He shivered. He hoped they didn’t believe in him.”
“He thought of the deep crevasses and windy caves of Underlay, and the stories of the creatures that dwelt there. Of course, he didn’t believe in them. He’d told them, because the handing on of an oral mythology was very important to a developing culture, but he didn’t believe in supernatural monsters. He shivered. He hoped they didn’t believe in him.”
“The Magic Finger is something I have been able to do all my life.”
“Then I get very, very hot all over … Then the tip of the forefinger of my right hand begins to tingle most terribly … And suddenly a sort of flash comes out of me, a quick white flash, like something electric. It jumps out and touches the person who has made me cross … And after that the Magic Finger is upon him or her, and things begin to happen”
“The Magic Finger is something I have been able to do all my life. I can’t tell you just how I do it, because I don’t even know myself. But it always happens when I get cross, when I see red…”
“It was his solemn duty to appear in the corridor once a week, and to gibber from the large oriel window on the first and third Wednesdays in every month, and he did not see how he could honourably escape from his obligations. It is quite true that his life had been very evil, but, upon the other hand, he was most conscientious in all things connected with the supernatural.”
Steve remains after the show finishes to confront the vampire-- but his motives are surprising! In the shadows of a crumbling theater, a horrified Darren eavesdrops on his friend and the vampire, and is witness to a monstrous, disturbing plea.
As if by destiny, Darren is pulled to Mr. Crepsley and what follows is his horrifying descent into the dark and bloody world of vampires. This is the beginning of Darren’s story.
‘Why The Whales Came’ is a somewhat mysterious, supernatural and mystical thriller evoking so well the atmosphere and feelings of a childhood spent growing up in the Scilly Isles at the time of the First World War.
“How he haunts this forest, and carries a book with him,—a big, heavy book, with iron clasps; and how this ugly Black Man offers his book and an iron pen to everybody that meets him here among the trees; and they are to write their names with their own blood. And then he sets his mark on their bosoms!
Source: Chapter 16, Paragraph 18

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