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15 of the best book quotes from Arthur
While waiting for help, Arthur notices two strange-looking men materializing out of thin air. They discuss a key and whether or not to give it to Arthur.
That means getting past Monday’s henchmen and journeying to the Dayroom itself. Thankfully, Arthur is up to the challenge, but as he finds out, his fight seems to be only one-seventh over.
After meeting Suzy Blue and the first part of “the Will” (a frog-looking entity that knows everything about the House), Arthur learns that he’s been selected as Rightful Heir to the House and must get the other part of the clock hand in order to defeat Monday.
“he rushed out of the church and into the town to put his idea into practice. And what an awful place the town was, much worse than he had imagined. He almost gave up his idea, but then he thought, ‘If it’s always as nasty as this, everybody is bound to agree to my plan’. So he hurried on...”
“My idea is this. You all come and live at the church. It’s warm, quiet, and I’ve got Sampson, the church car, right under my The parson says if we do a few odd jobs we’ll be paid in cheese, best quality. He’s expecting us tomorrow morning if you want to come.”
“Arthur tied the burglar’s bootlaces together. He had to do it himself because Sampson could only tie granny knots. Then Sampson obliged with his party piece. It was supposed to be the Song of the Nightingale but everyone else thought it sounded like a policeman’s whistle. They counted on the burglar thinking so too.”
“In a busy little town, not very far away, there is a church, and in the church there lived a mouse whose name was Arthur. “
“Sampson, the church cat, had listened to so many sermons about the meek being blessed and everybody really being brothers that he had grown quite frighteningly meek and treated Arthur like a brother.”
“One afternoon, when he was reading, an idea popped into his head the parson was at that very moment passing by, Arthur told him all about it. The parson rather liked the idea, at least he said he was willing to give it a try.”
“The legend is huge, and comprises many, many stories, but the basic thread si this: a young orphaned boy named Arthur, who has been brought up by a foster-father, Sir Ector, comes as a squire to his foster-brother Kay, to the court of the late King of Logres. Uther Pendragon.”
“Arthur, with Merlin at his side, spends much time in the next few years building an army of loyal and heroic young men, many of them also orphaned, and fighting back the warlords who have made his country of Logres into a wasteland.”
“As well, Arthur is given a magic sword Excalibur, by one of his Otherworldly friends, the Lady of the Lake. He also meets and marries Guinevere, the beautiful, strong-willed daughter of a neighbouring King. And for a while, all seems well.”
“There is something vital and wondrous about Arthur and the magical children that came to him with tragedies already packed in their suitcases, and Linus Baker is more or less the human opposite of vitality and wonder.”
“Arthur’s lightness of heart is infectious: he is a study in kindness, made of such a steadfast and dependable fiber, despite the sadness that haunts his eyes.”
“The boy was brought up by one Sir Ec’tor and was called his son. When Arthur had grown old enough to be a squire, the throne of Britain became vacant.”

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