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Nine of the best book quotes about needing
Fritz needs Fred and Fred needs Fritz. Fritz feed Fred and Fred feeds Fritz. Fred feeds Fritz with ritzy Fred food. Fritz feeds Fred with ritzy Fritz food. And Fritz, when fed, has often said, “I’m a Fred-fed Fritz. Fred’s a Fritz-fed Fred”
“They don’t need another one and it’s a shame because he is spoiling it for everyone else. He is called Minal Cricket and he tends to be utterly a nuisance. He is nonstop whining and causing other people to get themselves in trouble.”
“Your jacket is too short and your pants are too short. You do need a new suit.′ ‘If a cut the wool from my lam,’ said Pelle, ‘can I make a suit from that?’
“ ‘Well, I want you to know I’m right here when you need me, Treehorn,’ said the Principal, ‘and I’m glad I was here to help you. A team is only as good as its coach, eh?’ The Principal stood up, ‘Goodbye, Treehorn. If you have any more problems, come straight to me, and I’ll help you again. A problem isn’t a problem once it’s solved, right?’ “
“They did not find Sarah-Ann, but Ted found a watch that he’d mended then forgotten about. ‘That’s Miss Hubbard’s,’ he said. ‘She brought it to be fettled, last Christmas. Could you take it along for her, Pat? She’ll be needing it.’ “
“And, just as my father said that afternoon, ‘one day’ I was going to need my sister very, very much.”
“They went right to work. They needed many things to build their nest. First, they got some hay. They got some soda straws and broom straws. They got some sweater string. They got some stocking string. They got some horse hair. They got some man hair.”
“I know those old people sent her to protect my spirit. They do that sort of thing. She came to me just when I needed her. She stays with me all through the dark nights. I don’t have to worry about squishing her in bed ‘cause she knows which way I’m gonna roll even before I do.”
Just as she is losing hope of ever finding a home, and forgetting all she once loved, Halinka sees something that reminds her that everyone needs some beauty in their lives, like they need air, or food . . . and maybe a friend.
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