Robert C Harvey Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Robert C Harvey
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    “Comics ... are sometimes four-legged and sometimes two-legged and sometimes fly and sometimes don’t ...”
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    “Comics are a sub-set of pictorial narrative; therefore, all comics are pictorial narratives, but not all pictorial narratives are comics.”
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    “And we enjoy comics best in solitary, by ourselves, not in crowds; although large numbers of people read comics, they generally do it by themselves, in silence.”
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    “In short, comics lacks the precision it ought to have for ordinary communication let alone serious philosophical deliberations.”
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    “As every schoolboy knows, comics do not stand alone at microphones in the dark. Indeed, we cannot even read them in the dark. We need light, the more, the better.”
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    “The confusion inherent in the word comics has been apparent to those writing in the filed for years. The word has a plural form but is singular in application.”
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    .. to employ a metaphor as mixed as the medium itself, defining comics entails cutting a Gordian-knotted enigma wrapped in a mystery ...”
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    “And in its singular form, comic, it can be an adjective for something humorous or another name for a comedian.”