The Hateful Eight Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from The Hateful Eight
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    “Got room for one more?”
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    “Keepin’ you at a disadvantage, is a advantage I intend to keep.”
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    “When the handbill says ‘dead or alive’, the rest of us just shoot you in the back from up on top a perch somewhere and bring you in dead over a saddle. But when John Ruth ‘The Hangman’ catches you... You hang!”
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    “Till they invent a trigger a woman can’t pull, if you’re a hang man, you’re going to hang woman.”
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    “Precautions must be taken because life is too sweet to lose.”
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    “When you get to hell, John, tell them Daisy sent you.”
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    “Anybody opens their mouth, gonna get a bullet. Anybody moves a little weird, little sudden, gonna get a bullet. Not a warning. Not a question. A bullet.”
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    “Justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice.”
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    “Now Minnie likes just about everybody, but she sure don’t like Mexicans. So when you tell me, Minnie went to North side to visit her mama? Well I find that highly unlikely, but okay. Maybe.”
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    “So you finally decided I’m telling the truth about being the sheriff of Red Rock, huh?”
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    “Bringing desperate men in alive, is a good way to get yourself dead.”
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    “The only time black folks are safe, is when white folks is disarmed.”
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    “Now, Daisy, I want us to work out a signal system of communication. When I elbow you real hard in the face, that means: shut up.”
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    “The Confederates took exception to my capacity for killing them. After I broke out of Wellenbeck, The South took my continued existence as a personal affront. So the cause put a reward on my head.”
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    “She’s wanted dead or alive for murder. Ten thousand dollars. That money’s mine boys. Don’t want to share it, I ain’t going to lose it.”
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    “I’m sorry, I heard that somebody in your party had a letter from Abraham Lincoln, I assumed it was you.”
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    “We still got that deal we talked about in the wagon? I help you protect your eight thousand, you help me protect my ten?”
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    “What do I got to say? About John Ruth’s ravings? He’s absolutely right. Me and one of them fellas is in cahoots and we’re just waiting for everybody go to sleep. That’s when we going to kill you all.”
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    “Let’s slow it down. Let’s slow it way down.”
  8. #20
    “Say adios to your huevos.”
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