The Little Bookroom Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Little Bookroom
“They were all very determined, and none of them knew what about.”
“And she said I was no gentleman, and refused to tell me. So as she wouldn’t confess, of course I arrested her, and to be on the safe side I also arrested everybody else in the shop, and the Baby into the bargain.”
“As the Men got hungrier and hungrier, they also got angrier and angrier; and the Women, on their part, got stubborner and stubborner.”
″‘I am come to tell you that the King’s Daughter wants the Moon.’ ‘She must want, then,’ said the Night. ‘I can’t spare the Moon.‘”
“The wisest men in the world have but one opinion, and it is this. We know that Adam gave names to all the flowers created, and as this flower has remained unnamed since the days of Eden, it is doubtless one which was forgotten at the Creation, and the Lord has only just remembered to make it.”
″‘We must set Day on his feet again at once, and tell Night that she is entirely in the right.’ No sooner said than done. The stars went back to their places, the sea reversed itself, time straightened itself out, and everything did what it ought to do;”
″‘The King of Egypt is greater than Egypt’s corn!’ cried King Ra. ‘The King is more golden than the corn! The King will outlast the corn!‘”
″‘We haven’t got a cook! You do the cooking in this house, ma!’ ‘Well, and if I do!’ retorted his mother, drying her eyes and looking rather defiant. ‘What I say is, the one that does the cooking is the cook, and I suppose I can give my notice as well as another!‘”
“His father hoped everything, and forced him to live in his books; and, when the child had reached the age of ten, saw the end of his hopes.”
″...the Women stirred the pots, and the Men went back to work, and the Sun rose in the East and set in the West; and the world forgot in less than no time everything that comes when the King’s Daughter cries for the Moon.”
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