Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
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    “Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is its purpose.”
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    “The interior drama, therefore, is always the important one. The “story of your life” is written by you, by each reader of this book. You are the author. There is no reason, therefore, for you to view the drama and feel trapped by it. The power to change your own condition is your own. You have only to exercise it.”
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    “Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around. All personalities are not physical. It is only because you are so busily concerned with daily matters that you do not realize that there is a portion of you who knows that its own powers are far superior to those shown by the ordinary self.”
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    “The ego is a jealous god, and it wants its interests served. It does not want to admit the reality of any dimensions except those within which it feels comfortable and can understand. It was meant to be an aid but it has been allowed to become a tyrant.”
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    “First of all, a soul is not something that you have. It is what you are.”
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    “True spirituality is a thing of joy and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity. It has nothing to do with long words and sorrowful faces. It has to do with the dance of consciousness that is within you, and with the sense of spiritual adventure that is within your hearts.”
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    “There is no need to justify your existence. You do not need to write or preach to justify yourselves, for instance. Being is its own justification.”
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    “You would be much better off in reading this book if you asked yourself who you are, rather than asked who I am, for you cannot understand what I am unless you understand the nature of personality and the characteristics of consciousness.”
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    “If you believe that your existence is dependent upon this corporeal image, then you feel in danger of extinction.”
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    “I am quite independent of a physical image, and so are you.”
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    “You are not stuck in time like a fly in a closed bottle, whose wings are therefore useless.”

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    “Until you realize that you are the creators, you will refuse to accept this responsibility. Nor can you blame a devil for the world’s misfortunes.”
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    ″...the Devil is a projection of your own psyche, but you have not grow wise enough to learn how to use your creativity constructively.”
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    “The nature of animal consciousness in itself is a highly interesting subject, and one that we will later consider.”
  4. #16
    “You are not a forsaken offshoot of physical matter, nor is your consciousness meant to vanish like a puff of smoke.”
  5. #17
    “Personality is a gestalt of ever-changing perception.”
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    “How many of you would want to limit your reality, your entire reality, to the experience you now know? You do this when you imagine that your present self is your entire personality, or insist that your identity be maintained unchanged through an endless eternity.”
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    “ interpret daily life according to your ideas of what is possible or not possible.”
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    “You prefer to identify with the part of you who watches television or cooks or works — the part you think knows what it is doing.”
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