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14 of the best book quotes about fat
“My dad told me that when I was born my cheeks were so fat the doctors didn’t know which end to spank.”
“Hatred has engulfed the politics of the Left. Socialists hate the financially successful. LGBT activists hate fundamentalist Christians. Black Lives Matter hate police officers. Fat people hate skinny people, like me and Ann Coulter. But none of these groups hate with the PMS-fueled pettiness of feminism.”
“You have fed me wretched food, vegetables boiled to extinction, fistfuls of white sugar, slabs of fat, mucousy casseroles made with globs of cream of mushroom, until it’s amazing my heart still beats. Food was not fuel but ballast; we ate and then we sank like rocks.”
“He was a big, fat caterpillar. ”
“Poor unhappy Hendrika. She longed to see something besides the house, the barn, and the windmill. Instead she ate and ate and ate. And she grew fat and then fatter, and then very very very fat. She grew so fat that she could barely move.”
“He’s about fifty for a start, and he’s one of these old dudes that wear cool gear and try to act young and it doesn’t work because they’ve got grey hair and fat bellies and they just make themselves pathetic.”
“On the other side of Blueberry Hill, Little Bear came with his mother to eat blueberries. ‘Little Bear,’ she said, ‘eat lots of berries and grow big and fat. We must store up food for the long, cold winter’. “
“A big fat earwig is very tasty.”
“She looked into this book and she looked into that. There was magic for thin and magic for fat, and magic for tall and magic for small, but the magic she was looking for wasn’t there at all.”
″‘The difference is that in this picture you were fatter, with chubbier cheeks. But it’s you for sure!’ Realizing that our classmates were around, he added loudly, ‘Don’t think I wouldn’t recognize that jelly-donut face anywhere.‘”
“Just as he was looking to see if he had anything left to eat, something hit him on the head. It was a tangerine. He had been sleeping right under a tree full of big, fat tangerines.”
“As soon as they saw Dinah and Dorinda, they all shouted at once, ‘Balloons, balloons, balloons! Look at the big balloons!‘”
“It was round and fat and red. It was fat and red and jolly. And it was VERY, VERY PROUD.”
“He was thinking that perhaps the voyage would be longer than the little girls expected, so that one day the food would run out; and because he was very fat, he was afraid of being eaten.”
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