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    “The attaining to this sovereign power is by two ways. One, by natural force: as when a man maketh his children to submit themselves, and their children, to his government, as being able to destroy them if they refuse; or by war subdueth his enemies to his will, giving them their lives on that condition. The other, is when men agree amongst themselves to submit to some man, or assembly of men, voluntarily, on confidence to be protected by him against all others.”
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    “They offer themselves so sweetly and confidently and willingly, even if it seems that there is no one to appreciate them. Just as though they sang a joyous little song to themselves, that it is so happy to love, even though one is not loved in return.”
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    “I had no idea a living being could sustain so much injury and go on living.”
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    Colin flushed triumphantly. He had made himself believe that he was going to get well, which was really more than half the battle, if he had been aware of it. And the thought which stimulated him more than any other was this imagining what his father would look like when he saw that he had a son who was as straight and strong as other fathers’ sons.
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    “No living man can hope To force the gods to speak against their will.”
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    “Here at present I felt afresh—for I had felt it again and again—how my equilibrium depended on the success of my rigid will, the will to shut my eyes as tight as possible to the truth that what I had to deal with was, revoltingly, against nature. I could only get on at all by taking “nature” into my confidence and my account, by treating my monstrous ordeal as a push in a direction unusual, of course, and unpleasant, but demanding, after all, for a fair front, only another turn of the screw of ordinary human virtue.”
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    “When you understand the power you possess by declaring it daily little by little you will begin to create a life of power.”
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    “What you can do is often simply a matter of what you will do.”
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    “Vocation does not come from willfulness. It comes from listening. I must listen to my life and try to understand what it is truly about-quite apart from what I would like it to be about-or my life will never represent anything real in the world, no matter how earnest my intentions.”
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    “It matters not how we were brought up. What determines our way of acting is the manner in which we administrate our will. A man is the sum of all his wishes, which determine his way of living and dying. The will is a sentiment, a talent, something which lends us enthusiasm.”
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    “The stop-and-go signs, garish ghosts in the sleet, went through their irrelevant tomfoolery again and again, telling the glacier of automobiles what to do. Green meant go. Red meant stop. Orange meant change and caution.”
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    “Instantly, she turned on her left heel and began racing back to the border with Life, drawing her sword. [...] Sabriel reached the border and, with a furious thrust of will, her spirit emerged back into Life.”

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    “One of the greatest revelations of my life is: I can choose my thoughts and think things on purpose. In other words, I don’t have to just think about whatever falls into my mind.”
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    “All is not lost; the unconquerable Will,
    And study of revenge, immortal hate,
    And courage never to submit or yield.”
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    “When the whole people decrees for the whole people, it is considering only itself.
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    “There is often a great difference between the will of all and general will.”
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    “Each of us puts his person...under the supreme direction of the general will.”
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    “Obviously, leading the simple wabi-sabi life requires some effort and will and also some tough decisions.”
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    “Cosmetics are an extension of the will. ”
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    “My idea is that every specific body strives to become master over all space and to extend its force (--its will to power:) and to thrust back all that resists its extension. But it continually encounters similar efforts on the part of other bodies and ends by coming to an arrangement (“union”) with those of them that are sufficiently related to it: thus they then conspire together for power. And the process goes on.”
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