Gremlin Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Gremlin
“Drac fights off the Gremlin’s treacherous attach with her ultra-laser beam. She chases him into the quivering jungles, across the bubbling seas, and through the dark and poisonous fumes of the black volcano.”
“Drac and the Gremlin leap aboard her Anti-Gravity solar-powered Planet Hopper. They sweep through the clouds to the Mountains of the White Wizard. “
“They have arrived just in time. The White Wizard is transforming into a silver flutterwing and is preparing to escape. But General Min has seen the change. She is about to pounce.”
“Drac speeds through the jungle, but she can feel the fire from the Dragon’s mouth. She turns to fight. But the Dragon is too big, too fierce. The Terrible tongue is poised to destroy her.”
“Drac thinks for a second. Then she shakes the panting Gremlin. ‘We must unite against this awful peril. You will join me and we will save Tirnol Two!’ “
“Drac must capture the Gremln of the Groaning Grotto. She knows he is quick, quiet as a spider, and very, very dangerous. She must be so careful...”
“Drac and the Gremlin spring before General Min can attack. The General is caught by surprise. With a howl of despair she flees deep into the jungle.”
“ ‘You have saved the planet!’ says the White Wizard. ‘We are very grateful. Please accept as your reward our highest honour, the Twin Crimson Cones of Tirnol Two.’ “
“Drac the Warrior Queen and the crafty Gremlin leave the palace of the White Wizard for their secret jungle hideout...always on the alert for their next perilous mission.”
“She finds Elsie Wainwright and Bunny, Bill Birdcycle and the Gremlin, a cat with false teeth, a plague of frogs and an unlimited supply of motor bikes.”
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