Eragon Quotes

26 of the best book quotes from Eragon
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    “To have a child is the greatest honor and responsibility that can be bestowed upon any living being.”
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    “Consider none your superior, whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly, or they will seek revenge.”
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    “I believe, Eragon, that you are full of love and that you are looking for one who will reciprocate your affection. No shame exists in that.”
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    “Show respect for those in power, but don’t follow them blindly.”
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    “Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered. One may be a free man and yet be bound tighter than a slave.”
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    “[L]et no one rule your mind or body.”
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    “People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn’t.”
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    “I’ll fight when needed, revel when there’s occasion, mourn when there is grief, and die if my time comes … but I will not let anyone use me against my will.”
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    “Wise? No, I’ve just learned how to think.”
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    “Do not dwell on that which you cannot change.”
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    “It’s amazing that a man who is dead can talk to people through these pages. As long as this book survives, his ideas live.”
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    “The greatest enemy is one that has nothing to lose.”
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    “The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.”
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    “From now on you’re going to have to think. There’s a reason why we’re born with brains in our heads, not rocks.”
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    “Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.”
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    “There is much you can learn from books . . . ”
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    “I’m afraid I’ve degenerated into a bibliophile.”
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    No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing than pinned to the ground.
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    “Respect the past; you never know how it may affect you.”
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    “Of the affairs of love ... my only advice is to be honest. That’s your most powerful tool to unlock a heart or gain forgiveness.”
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    “Be careful with your money.”
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    “Judge with logic and reason, but comment not.”
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    “Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it’s actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe.”
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    “These books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.”
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    “That’s the spirit, one part brave, three parts fool.”
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    “Eragon looked back at him, confused. ‘I don’t understand.’
    ‘Of course you don’t,’ said Brom impatiently. ‘That’s why I’m teaching you and not the other way around.‘”
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